High angle view of street in bright sunlight, Rome

Santa Maria della Salute church and Punta della Dogana, Venice

Pier, parasols and beach life on coast of Puglia

Secluded beach of the idyllic Tremiti Islands an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea

Water Taxis (motorscafi) and gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice

Idyllic beach with 2 lounging pads at water's edge, Puglia

Piazza San Pietro with Christ and the Apostles statues in foreground, Rome

Swimmers in the Adriatic beneath the cliffs of Polignano a Mare, Puglia

Fountain, tourists and cobblestones, St Peter's Square, Rome

Steep steps leading down to the Adriatic on coast of Puglia

Boats in the Adriatic sea amongst the Tremiti Islands, Puglia

Vatican post office and colonnades and statues, St Peter's Square, Rome

St Peter's Square with in foreground Statues of Christ and the Apostles lining facade of St Peter's Basilica, Rome

Piaggio on road between fields with rolled bales of hay, Puglia

Panorama of Vatican City and Piazza San Pietro from the dome of St Peter's, Rome

Rooftop alfresco terrace, Puglia

Holiday escapism, Puglia

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